Jay Burn (J Burn) is a singer, songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. With influences ranging from The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to Neil Young, Tom Petty and more eclectic ones, like Sparklehorse. Jack Johnson and Foy Vance are a couple of the contemporary musicians he has been compared to.

When asked, “How would you describe your music?” his response was…

“I feel the music crosses multiple styles and genres. Definitely based in Rock, an Americana it also shows my Country and Folk, as well as Punk influences. I like to try and dabble in moments of psychedelia at times too.” – Jay Burn

Jay has had the opportunity to work with a list of very well respected musicians and engineers to bring his story telling song creations to life. The most recent releases feature Jay Lane (Bob Weir’s RatDog, Further, Primus & Golden Gate Wingmen), Robin Sylvester (Bob Weir’s RatDog, Ry Cooder & Kate Wolf) and Jason Crosby (Phil Lesh and Friends, Susan Tedeschi & Eric Clapton) to name a few. He has recorded multiple releases at TRI Studios, in San Rafael, California.

When  asked, “When you write a song, what is your approach?” his response was…

“Many times it starts with a melody playing and dancing it’s way though my mind. Then I like to focus my attentions towards lyrical content and finding the hook. It’s important to me that the song I’m writing, conveys its story.” – Jay Burn

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“I grew up constantly around music, mostly because of my mothers father. He was a classically trained violinist. In the roaring twenties, he lead his own jazz band, “Nate Dash and the Dots” and had a radio show, out of Ohio. Later he went on to be the first chair violinist for the Ohio Symphony Orchestra. I was fortunate to spend a good amount of time with him, learning as a child. Needless to say as soon as I could hold one, a violin was in my hand.” – Jay Burn

J Burn was established back in 1996 writing songs and playing music in a high altitude town up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The first song that saw life performed live, was “Doesn’t Mean It’s True”. Which years later found its way onto the Major Melodies Backward Beginnings record. There are a few bootlegs floating around of the live performances from the early years, to publish maybe one day. Soon the calls of the ocean waves drew Jay westward, where he floated in and out of some bands and continually kept writing. Until the day he laid all his card on the table to produce his first all original album, after being invited to record at Bob Weir’s TRI Studios, working with engineer Rick Vargas and so began the journey…